Diversity Statement

As a Company, we believe that for us to continuously innovate and evolve as a business, we need to foster a culture that is reflective of our society, and to do so we need to ensure diversity and inclusion among our people.

Spring is committed to ensure fairness, transparency and equality across our organisation, with diversity & inclusion as part of our core values.  We want our employees to feel respected, valued, represented and successful.

To reinforce our commitment towards DE&I we continuously adapt and evolve, monitoring our effectiveness through transparent reporting (Gender Pay Reporting), applying tangible changes in our policies and procedures and ensure equal opportunities through our recruitment practices to enhance diversity and inclusion across all sites.

Diversity is critical for us to boost our growth, promote our creativity, our values and create positive impact within our industry, as well as attract the best talents and drive them for the future success. Spring will continue to strive for stronger practices to further enhance our DE&I practices.