FILA Explore Collection

FILA asked us to bring its new heritage-inspired Explore collection to life in a way that honors its tradition for outdoor adventure while maintaining the brand’s reputation as the original disruptor in sportswear. The catch? The outdoorsy collection isn’t necessarily meant for the outdoors. So, we flipped the outdoors on its head with a story of modern-day explorers discovering a familiar-feeling yet surrealist landscape called Odd Planet, sharing their adventures through video transmissions.

Each of the Explore collection’s four mini-capsules were given their own color treatment and set build. Hyper-real backdrops served to further establish the extraordinary wonder of our FILA world, adding a peculiar and compelling “Is this real?” feeling—one our sci-fi pioneers surely felt upon first setting out. After all, the only way to answer that question is to get out there and explore.