Studio C


A 1350 sq ft (L44ft x W31ft x H25ft to apex) fully air-conditioned daylight studio with west-facing windows and east-facing diffused skylights to provide excellent top and side light.

Studios B and C can be combined for 2900 sq ft.


  • Scoop cove (L20ft x W23ft x H18ft)

  • Wireless broadband

  • Reclaimed wooden floors

  • No low beams/pillars

  • Mobile makeup desk with daylight-balanced bulbs

  • Changing area

  • Stylist kit (2 rails, 50 top hangers, 50 bottom hangers, iron and ironing board)

  • Power supply: 180 amps, 63 amp outlets

  • iPad/ Audio Station

London - Studio C
London - Studio C
London - Studio C
London - Studio C